Wu-Tang Forever! The 90s Rap Group Performs in Sydney, Australia!!

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The remaining members of Wu Tang
perform together in Sydney

I remember, not so long ago as a youngin, one of the first major rap influences of my life being Wu-Tang Clan. Thanks goes mostly to my neighbor who would stay rewinding and replaying probably one of the most memorable Wu albums to date Wu Tang Forever!

I can still hear and feel the force, energy and brilliance of the lyrics each one delivered on every track! It was not only the production value of the album that made such an impact but also the mathematical genius behind the Wu’s meaning which I’ll spare both you and me the time of trying to explain it myself.

During a time of shiny suit rappers (the formerly known Puff Daddy and then Harlem World leader Mase) the Clan managed to remain true to their authentic street cred value by bringing to the world rap music in its most rarest and to-the-core form.

They were arguably one of the dominating forces of rap back in their day and undoubtedly the driving force behind Tre’s current rap ambition. Well, it pleases me to know that after all these years, numerous solo projects, and minus a few members (R.I.P. Dirty) that the Wu-Tang Clan STILL ain’t nothing to f*ck with as the remaining members of the Shaolin temple recently performed for a hyped up crowd of dire Wu fans in Sydney, Australia.

Ghostface Killah


Inspectah Deck

Thats called crowd control

Goldie the Ghost

This 1s for you Dirty

Wu-Tang forever & worldwide

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