“You Gone Learn Today!” Edition: @KattWilliams Arrested Again!

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There are three things certain in life and that is taxes, death and that Katt Williams will get arrested at least one time a month until he goes off into that comedic mansion in the sky! According to the gossip website TMZ.com Katt Williams has done it again and got himself thrown in the slammer for once again another foolish move on his part. They are reporting that Williams was embroiled in a bar fight this past Sunday that resulted in charges being filed against him.

The police reported that Williams “brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business”. He then later followed a family ouside of the bar, and threw a cigarette at a woman when she got into her car. The cigarette hit he in the eye.

Police also say Williams lunged a rock at the car.

Booked into the King County Jail at 6:42 PM PT, under charges of harassment, assault, and obstructing police is where you would have found Katt yesterday. This morning he was released.

Most recently, Williams was accused of slapping a Target employee after getting angry with him. Check ou the footage below:

 Is Williams life spiraling on a downhill disaster you may ask? Or is all this just a big setup for the comedian and actor to launch his own motion picture film?

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