Young Jeezy Shuts Down Rumors of Illuminati Affiliation in Power 99 Interview

| August 2, 2014 | 0 Comments

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CTE boss Young Jeezy sat down with Power 99’s Mina Saywhat about his controversial new album cover art and that has led some to believe  the creation of it has a darker side and different connotation to it. However, Young Jeezy was quick to shoot down those ridiculous rumors and he even goes on to say that his love for God wouldn’t even entertain such foolishness. He pointed out when the late Tupac Shakur’s cover art showed him laying on the cross was only his expression of something he might have gone through at the time and people shouldn’t really take things so literal, it was just an expression of art.

“Do not get art and creativity confused with ignorance,” he said. “I am a hard-working, God-fearing man. I have no idea what an Illuminati is and really don’t give a damn ’cause it has nothing to do with me. I just wanted to do something different and something bigger.It’s kinda a dark album, so I just wanted it to have that MYSTIQUE about it, something to keep as a collector’s edition.”

It makes sense to us but we want to know what you think about his latest project once it is released on September 2nd.

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