Young Thug Enjoys Wearing Women’s Clothing & Now We Know Why!

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Rapper Young Thug has been an enigma of sorts. Many people have been questioning his sexuality because he has a habit to wear women’s clothing… a lot. However, as open as he has been about wearing women’s wardrobe he has steadfast denied being gay at all.

Thanks to an interview in GQ Young Thug reveals the origins of his cross dressing and it started long before he got rich and famous.

When did you start wearing predominantly women’s clothing?

“When I was 12 or some sh*t, started gambling, getting my own money. My dad wouldn’t buy me tight pants. I had to get my own money to buy them.”

Why do you wear women’s clothing?

“Because women’s clothes are [slimmer] than men’s clothes. The jeans I got on right now, they’re women’s jeans. But they fit how they’re supposed to fit. Like a rock star. The only thing I probably have in men’s is, like, briefs. T-shirts. Ninety percent of my clothes are women’s.”

Rock star, so apparently skinny jeans and slim fit were not enough for Young Thug. Granted he is a very thin person, but women’s clothing just seems to be his preference. But he says that he has been doing this since 12. There is no way that was easy for him, and the interviewer asks how he dealt with any possible bullying.

It’s one thing to wear “rock star” clothes when you’re on stage with thousands of fans, it’s another thing when you’re 12 years old, shooting dice in someone else’s hood. Did people fuck with you for it?

Yeah, it was way more difficult. But I was so into that gangster shit. Dudes didn’t play.

How do you get them not to fuck with you?

How? Shoot the shit out of one of them. Beat the fuck out of them. However you have to handle it. There’s no thinking [when someone disrespects you], we gotta handle it right then. So as young men, we had to do a couple things. Then people respected us.

You tote guns very openly. Are you more rock star or gangster?

Ninety-nine percent of me is rock star. Of course, I’m a natural-born gangster. Who don’t know that?

There you have it, Young Thug cross dresses because of the rock star look and if you come at him at him funny about it, he is about the action. There is one recent video in question though….

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