Young Thug Vs The Game Part 2! Thug Responds to Game’s Breakfast Club Comments

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Last week The Game was in New York City making his media appearances to promote his new album The Documentary 2 . He made an appearance on the Power 105’s The Breakfast Club with Charlemagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy where Game made comments that Young Thug took offense to.

When Game was asked about Young Thug going at Lil Wayne, he replied that he likes no one going at Lil Wayne and would defend him against anyone. Game said, ‘I ain’t like nobody going at Wayne. That’s my homie.’ His next comment is the one that seems to have ruffled Thug’s feathers as it seemed to be a sneak diss.

When Charlemagne asked him about the lack of respect in the hip hop, The Game responded, ‘Cause they’re disrespectful. And they’ll be talking crazy at you with a dress on…Sometimes I put on jeans, and…some sneakers and a crewneck, and I feel like I’m not appropriate, you know what I’m saying?…Do I need a leotard? I don’t know what it is these days, man.’

Young Thug posted two videos on his Instagram saying, ‘See I was minding my business trying to promote my lil’ video that I got ’bout to come out…for the song “Power.” And I go on The Breakfast Club…and see this pussy ass n*gga Game cappin’ to pussy ass Charlamagne…” The rest of Thugger’s words are difficult to understand, but he finishes the clip by saying, “Fuck you pussy boy”.

In the second video after that, he shows Game seemingly apologizing to him via FaceTime from their earlier incident back in May. But The Game is not known for being coy in the face of an insult.

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@ that pussy !!!! He prolly gettin a French tip somewhere in the Lennox Mall #DontCallNobodyNigga #YouAndMe #AndDontFlashNoGunsOnIGThinkinThatsGoneScareSomebody #iWillThrowYouOver7CarsNigga

Then of course, Young Thug responds back on Instagram with this infamous picture of Game looking like a male stripper.


Social Media has made hip hop feuds take on a new level with memes. As funny as their exchange was, we will have to see if this can be squashed as quickly as their beef back in May was. If not all the french tip and stripping jokes make go out the window.

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