YouTube To Begin Removing Indie Artists Of All Genres From Its Site

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YouTube is putting the squeeze on independent artists.  What was once a FREE platform for aspiring artists to promote their music and brand, is now partnering with major labels as they appear to be looking to capitalize on what is already an highly successful website.  Owned by Google, the video-sharing website is a world leader and has provided great opportunities to artists that may have otherwise never been discovered.

With YouTube increasing its paid subscription service efforts, the indies are being faced with few options; sign the licensing deals that they feel are unfair or get left behind and have your content removed from the site. 

This has to be a tactic for big business to continue to see that almighty dollar.  I mean seriously, without YouTube aspiring artists like Justin Bieber (which may have been a good thing) and Soulja Boy go undiscovered.  It’s already hard for the indie artist to get ahead and now the challenge has become even harder. 

Here’s the breakdown:

Major Record Labels – Major Win

YouTube – Even Major Win

Independent Artists – Epic Loss

Message to independent artist: Build your own brands via your own platforms.  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Shoutout to YouTube for making it that much harder. #SupportLocalArtists

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