Yung Berg Robbed of his Batman Chain?? “Come around me again and I’ll take your next s***”

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Yung Berg
Its one thing to get robbed, but to get robbed by someone that is vowing to rob you again if you come around that is on a whole different level.

Once again “Sexy Can I” rapper Yung Berg, was punked for his chain.  Seems like Yung Berg has become the official target of goons worldwide.  In 2008, Berg was jacked of his Transformer Chain in Detroit. Then later, rumors of getting slapped by former tour mate Maino surfaced. According to Maino:

“[Yung Berg] approached me and said to me ‘Yo, I heard you were talking reckless about me.’ I said ‘What?’ He said ‘Yea, I heard you was talking reckless about me.’ So, his body language and his mannerisms led me to believe he was being disrespectful to me, so I slapped him. That’s all I did to him,” he continued.

Now, news has surfaced yet again about Berg getting robbed again of his newfound diamond-encrusted Batman piece by none-other than U.K rapper Rowdy-T. Last week photos along with a freestyle video was uploaded on the net, calling Berg a “cupcake.”

Rowdy-T states,”F*** Yung Berg. What the f*** is a Yung Berg?” Rowdy-T asks in the clip before warning Berg about being anywhere near him again. “Come around me again, I’ll take your next sh**. You’re like a candy store to me dog. You sweet. F***in’ cupcake ass bitch!”

Yung Berg doesn’t need anymore chains instead he may want to invest in few bodyguards to add to his payroll!



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