Yung Berg’s Baby Mama calls him out “b**** a**” for being a deadbeat Father???

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Yung Berg

Put on blast by his [Yung Berg] Baby Mama Breanna, Yung Berg seems to not only have trouble with international goons calling him a B****, but apparently baby mama Beanna considers him B***h as well.

“I gotta stoop down to a dumb a** punk n***a level because I can’t get in contact with a b**** a** nigga any other way,” according to Beanna.

“Im here to call yo punk a** out and tell you whats up? Get at me. Try to come see yo son!”

When Lamont [Yung Berg’s son] was asked do you know your fathers name he states, “No. His name is Lamont’s dad.”

The adversity that young boys these days face has been a pigeonhole for many and “how sad it is for young boys to go in life without a father in their life. So, Christian Ward (Yung Berg) you are dead f***ing wrong for that. It’s a shame that I had to come to WSHH to get you to understand how real it is out here”

“You out in LA or wherever you at doing you … and getting ya a** beat or getting ya chains taken, whatever else you doing stupid sh*t. I tried contacting yo punk azz, but you tried to play me to the left.”

Apparently, after delivering the news to Berg their relationship went sour and he didn’t have anything to do with her. She later goes to say, Yung Berg has not taken care of their son since birth; he is now 7.


Source: WSHH


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