Breaking News Exclusive: Rapper Yung Vito Apprehended For Alleged Murder of Rapper Slim Dunkin

| December 26, 2011 | 2 Comments


We have just learned that the man responsible for killing Mario Denzel Hamilton has just been arrested and charged with murder. Moments ago detectives arrested Vinson Hardimon aka Yung Vito for the murder of rapper Slim Dunkin. More details coming shortly. Reported by HHE Dennis Byron who is on the scene of this breaking story right now. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE THE FIRST NEWS OUTLET TO BREAK THIS EXCLUSIVE STORY. The rapper accused of fatally wounding Mario Denzel Hamilton surrendered to police with his attorney Derek White. Since our initial reporting of this case, Vinson Hardimon was indicted for murder and his trial is scheduled to begin February 18TH 2013.

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Yung Vito changed his appearance from the last time he was seen at the recording studio where the shooting occurred. He had removed all facial hair from his face.

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  1. Ixon1 says:

    Rest In Peace Young Black Man. How long will we as a people continue to support artist that their only subject matter in Homocide,Genocide and anti social behavior It is ironic that these cats produce music where it is ok to take a life until they are on the business end of a gun pointed at them. It is also amazing that this amounts to genocide and self extermination. I see how people do not respect Black people because they see that we as a people do not respect each other. This young black man was killed by another black man over something as frivilous and stupid as a piece of candy. As black people we neeed to get real and stop the insanity. Did it really make sense that this brother should die this way. Instead of going to war on each other we need to be focused on how “WE” as a people are going to survive in the coming years. OUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON OUR LEARNIG TO BECOME A UNIFIED PEOPLE AND PUT DOWN THE WEAPONS. iF YOU ARE SO BAD ASS,GO OVER TO IRAQ OR AFGHANISTAN WHERE PEOPLE FIGHT JUST TO SURVIVE. We have to realize that after you kill off you so called enemies there will only be those that do not look like you!!!! How Long Will It Be Before WE Stop Supporting This Gangster S**t? Wake Up!!!

  2. KLUV says:

    may God heal the hearts of this love ones

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