Celebrity Publicist Chiquita Simms Has Passed Away (special tribute)

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Celebrity Publicist Chiquita Mitchum-Simms
Photo credit: Dennis Byron

The sometimes fiery and outspoken New Orleans born publicist who was a champion for Katrina victims has died. Chiquita “Chiq Diva” Simms died on Christmas day due to a brain aneurysm. Ms. Simms represented a list of celebrity clientele around the country and was a community activist for the rebuilding of her hometown of New Orleans.


Chiquita Mitchum Simms with client Comedian J. Anthony Brown

On Christmas morning as snow surprised Atlanta, Georgia the world said good-bye in total shock to New Orleans native and Public Relations force, Chiquita “ChiQ Diva” Simms.

CEO / Principal Publicist of DIVAdend Entertainment (Est. 1999 ) Chiquita Simms possessed a raw outspoken energy unmatched by no one in her field. One of her first clients was infamous and famous New Orleans rap artist, Souja Slim. In his death Chiq Diva did all she could within her PR realm to keep his legacy alive. Nothing stopped Chiquita, and her clients adored her for her outspoken style. Journalist Rahiem Shabazz remembered her saying at a recent Blogger vs. Journalist panel that “if you going to feel offended, now is the time to get up and go get you a drink” “I am a publicist FOR HIRE….not for HELP!”

Chiquita Simms on CNN with Tony Harris & special industry tributes.

It was great & inspiring to behold such strength. Even as I type this it’s unbelievable to know anything could shake her fearless courage. After Hurricane Katrina Chiq relocated her well known brand to Atlanta and infused her PR savvy into their entertainment culture. DIVAdend Entertainment represented amazing brands. Her client list included Comedian J Anthony Brown, Rodney Perry of The Monique Show just to name a few.

No one could foresee what awaited her fate as she geared up for her star studded event hosted by Toya Carter, DJ Captain Charles, NeNe Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta celebrating the Saints and Falcons game.

Her last few tweets painted a picture of her in Atlanta preparing a New Orleans styled Christmas dinner for her parents, sister, son and entire family. She even gave tips on how to make the perfect Gumbo. Also, never leaving work by the waist-side even in the midst of Christmas dinner she was excited to go out into the Atlanta cold and sell the last 20 tickets to her sold out event. Everyone craved a Chiq Diva event. So many supporters were Rsvp to attend. It would be her very last star-studded production.

Without warning a brain aneurysm, also called a cerebral or intracranial aneurysm gave Chiq her wings.

A brain aneurysm is an abnormal bulging outward of one of the arteries in the brain. It is estimated that up to one in 15 people in the United States will develop a brain aneurysm during their lifetime. For a complete day in Atlanta her name #ChiqDiva reigned supreme as the trending topic on popular Social media site Twitter. She is survived by her only child, a son in his mid twenties.

Please visit www.DivaDendEntertainment.com for an extensive view of who Chiq Diva was to her clients and the world. Sadly, her very last blog entry was a plea to end the senseless killings in New Orleans.

Chiq Diva will be laid to rest in her hometown of New Orleans, La. God bless her family as they get through these trying times.

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