Did Christopher Jordan Dorner Break the “Blue Line” of Silence in the Los Angeles Police Department?

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Christopher Jordan Dorner

Christopher Jordan Dorner

Words by: Noemi Torres

In a perfect world of justice and non-corruption, no police brutality or racism, Christopher Jordan Dorner wouldn’t have gotten fired from his job, but commended as a hero for protecting someone a human being with disabilities who was a victim of brutality. But no, this is not that perfect world.

The reality is that he got fired and used the law and the system to try to make things right. He wasn’t able to do so in spite of his many attempts. His frustration was withheld for a long time and he began planning. He is now a martyr in my eyes, a hero. He has decided to give up his life to protect others.

He has sacrificed himself to bring corruption to light. He figured he had nothing to lose for such a greater cause. His goal is to stop the racism, the police brutality and all the other injustices, which he witnessed, and the rest of us witness everyday, yet choose to do nothing. Christopher Jordan Dorner is doing something! I don’t agree that killing is the best recourse, but sometimes a point has to be made in such a dramatic way so that one is heard by the masses.

Christopher Jordan Dorner is a highly decorated former member of the US Navy

Christopher Jordan Dorner is a highly decorated former member of the US Navy

Innocent people (collateral damage) happen as a consequence in pursuit for a greater cause. Martin Luther King was killed because there were people that wanted to perpetuate racism and slavery. Christopher Jordan Dorner will be killed, but he has been heard and we must listen. We must stand up and defend our rights and protect the rights of those who are of lesser privilege, those who have impairment, those with disabilities, those who are elderly. That is what Christopher Jordan Dorner is doing. The point to this whole matter is not the killing. The point is the message and the reason behind the killing. The media must address the points made in the manifesto.

The LAPD should be held accountable and a through investigation should be mandated from the higher ups in office. President Obama should get involved and demand investigations in every police department in the nation. Things must change dramatically. Those who are part of the force who are guilty of wrongdoing should come forth and turn themselves in. There should implement programs to rehabilitate them and systems in place to report to keep everyone honest. COME ON AMERICA!!! Change must come! Forget bureaucracy! And stand for something. Christopher Jordan Dorner is the sacrificial lamb, but he would die for nothing if we don’t stand behind him and demand JUSTICE!

Christopher Jordan Dorner sees the corrupt system and is revolted and disappointed by it. He clearly put a lot of planning and thoughts into his actions. He has taken the lead. Has anyone listen to the news media? Everyone is focusing on history and his state of mind and NO ONE is addressing the ISSUE at hand!!! COME ON AMERICA!!!

Download Mr. Dorner’s Full Manifesto here

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