Daughter of DJ Quik Arrested For The Death Of Her Son!

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Davienna Blake has been charged with 1st degree murder for killing her son.


The legendary DJ Quik’s daughter, Davienna Blake, 21, has been arrested by Arizona police, for the death of her 2-year old son. According to reports at AllHipHop, the child had lots of injuries, including internal bleeding, lacerated liver. We hear these type of stories too often. Darnell Moses Alverez, 24, would play apart in beating this child. This tragedy apparently occurred from beatings with a belt. Witnesses have come forth to state that Alverez would beat the child for wetting the bed.

A two-year old? Sadly enough, both of the individuals are in the custody of Phoenix police. Reports state that Blake arrived home from work, only to see her son not breathing. Alvarez and Blake argued whether or not to take their son to the hospital. Read the rest of the story here.

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