Happy Birthday, Tupac!

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Easily one of hip hop’s most influential and controversial rappers, Tupac Shakur created a musical legacy that has continued to influence rap artists generation after generation. The rapper who would have celebrated his 43rd birthday today, received numerous awards and his hit songs “Dear Mama”, “California Love”, and “Changes” all took spots on the Billboard Hot 100.  Pac’s passion, thoughtfulness and candor in his music changed hip hop and solidified his rank at the top of the rap game. With over 75 million records sold worldwide, Tupac’s extensive discography includes works that are considered to be some of the greatest and most influential hip hop albums of all time.

While he was most known for his rap, Tupac was also a gifted poet and actor and starred in the popular movies, Juice, Above the Rim and Poetic Justice. In addition to his acting, Tupac also acted as an advocate and voice for young black males, often speaking out on the injustices of the system in his songs.

Tupac Shakur is truly one of hip hop’s most celebrated rappers and left behind a treasure of works from his lifetime. Despite being gunned down at the age of 25 in 1996, Tupac is still considered to be one of the greatest rappers hip hop has ever seen.

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